Clevis Bend’s founder and CEO is Jim Mark.  He started his Lingerie Accessories career on the factory floor making snap tapes (both molded and metal), grommet tape and hook & eye closures.  Years later he started Clevis Bend with an eye toward building on that experience.  Now, Jim and the staff of Clevis Bend have broadened the product line to encompass most lingerie accessories although the core product lines are still snap tape and hook & eye closures.  We still manufacture some of our product line in the USA but most products are made with trusted overseas partners and joint ventures.  

     Our primary focus is on providing our clients with first and foremost, quality, then on-time delivery, solid service and price.  We know clients only have so much time.  We know they seek stable, long-term relationships with a limited number of suppliers; suppliers who consistently deliver the goods day in and day out.  At Clevis Bend we understand that.  We are passionate about quickly earning the trust of our clients and exceeding their expectations for not only the first order but future orders.  

What is a "clevis bend"?