What is a Clevis Bend? picture of a clevis bend
Simply put, a "clevis bend" is the hump in a garment hook. It is meant to stop the eye from slipping out.
clev·isListen: [ klĕvĭs ]-nounclevis

A U-shaped metal piece with holes in each end through which a pin or bolt is run, used as a fastening device.

bendListen: [ bĕnd ]
verb - bent [ bĕnt ], bend·ing, bends
  1. a. To deviate from a straight line or position: The lane bends to the right at the bridge. b.To assume a curved, crooked, or angular form or direction: The saplings bent in the wind.
  2. To incline the body; stoop.
  3. To make a concession; yield.
  4. To apply oneself closely; concentrate: She bent to her task.

noun - The point at which an object bends.