Welcome to Clevis Bend: a leader in providing lingerie accessories. We specialize primarily in the components required to make a bra although many of these same components are also used in other lingerie (e.g. bodysuits, corsets), sportswear, swimwear and childrenswear.
         This website is our catalog. It details what we make and sell, primarily to the trade. But note that while the items detailed are indeed available they can also be tailored or modified to a client’s specific application.
         When you are ready, Contact us! Feel free to ask us any questions that cross your mind! We understand lingerie can be complicated! Then, when you place an order, you will see our different approach which makes us the best and most responsive in the industry.
         We cut our teeth on Hook & Eye! It (and snap tapes) is our really our core product line and we keep many of the orthopedic, corset and foundation styles in stock. On the following pages you will see specific spacings and binding widths – most of which are considered industry standards.
         If you would like to discuss these ‘standards’ please give us a call! They can be modified if required, especially for offbeat applications: Shoes? Purses? Curtains? Anything!
         Snap tape, along with Hook & Eye closures is a core product line. This means we stock it and our minimums are comparatively low. Our Snap tape, as you will see, comes in many different formats for many different applications.
         If you are not sure which snap tape is best for your application then give us a call! We would be happy to walk you through the advantages and dis-advantages of the various types. Our snap tape has been used on all sorts of applications beyond lingerie including table covers, toys, diapers, orthopedic products and shoes.
         Here at Clevis Bend we know that a bra can have North of 25 components! They can truly be challenging to design and make - so we strive to take the edge off this process by offering what a lingerie company might need to complete any given design. As any designer knows, there are thousands of components. We cannot possibly detail them all on the following pages – so if you are looking for something you do not see please just shoot us an email or give us a call!
         Clevis Bend is expert at Grommet and Eyelet tapes! We have über-strong tapes that are made from 4-plys of nylon with steel grommets right down to plastic based, rhinestone studded ‘bling’ tapes that are used for show! These tapes can be (and have been!) used not only for corsets but also orthopedic garments, casino garments, theatre costumes and club wear!
         We have an awesome selection of Elastics for your lingerie! We can do plain, no-stretch straps in white, right up to the fanciest double loop, 100% stretch picots in your custom color! They are made in an ultra clean factory on primarily German and Italian machines. They rival top drawer French elastics in terms of quality! We have samples of most of what you see on the following pages but no stock. We make our elastics to order.
Most of our channeling is made from Brushed Nylon Tricot and is 10mm in width. Sometimes a client needs something thinner than a ‘brushed’ tricot in which case we use standard stabilized ‘non-brushed’ tricot. The other typical width used in the industry is 12mm.

Most underwires that we make and sell are galvanized steel with ‘no-poke’ nylon coated tips – this is the least expensive format. But, if required, we can also make underwires from wire that has been nylon coated. Underwires are not a stock item for us. There are too many shapes and sizes! We prefer to make them to the specific shape, size and wire cross-section that a client sends us blueprints (or drawings) for.
Catering to the brassiere, lingerie, sportswear and children's wear industries, contact Clevis Bend and you will see our different approach which makes us the best in the industry. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestion or question.

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